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Zertz keeps you updated about your team


Zertz In daily life, isn’t checking the post and feeds, the first thing we do in the morning? Checking out the news feed on our social media accounts. Why not stay up to date on the professional front? Other than being updated of the world, don’t you think you need to keep yourself; updated with your team and its members? Zertz brings a feature wherein you can post and feed in your team group and keep others updated.

Zertz News Feed is a tailored guide to know what is going on in an organization. Helping you stay in the loop and have access to the correct information about every important update concerned; within the organization and allowing you to stay in sync to reduce the chances of missing an important event or update.

keeps you updated about your team

Especially Does Facebook let you switch from a personal account to your work account on a single platform No!? Zertz News Feed is a blend of advanced technologies that brings you updates about projects.

Like, comment, and react to the posts on the news feed, a quick check on the latest posts, invites, updates, or notices to save your time and reduce the chances of you or your workforce missing an important event at your organization.

Moreover our news feed assures that your posts capture the attention of the relevant people at the right time. The targeted audience of your post can like, comment, and react, this helps you to get prompt feedback or acknowledgement for what you share. The higher authorities in the organization too can take a tour of the news feed to access the activities going on in the organization. Finally This allows them to stay connected with even the smallest events happening within their organization.

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