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Women Reporters in Tripura Receive Supreme Court Justice Following a “Fake” Report

Women Reporters in Tripura Officers accused two female journalists of distributing “false photos” of sectarian tensions in the northeastern state last week, and the Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended all proceedings against them. Following their coverage on sectarian tensions in the state, the ladies – reporters from the HW News Network – were identified in two FIRs filed by police for “promoting communal division.”

Today, the Supreme Court suspended all procedures in both FIRs and sent a warning to the Tripura Police Department. “We’ll send him a message asking for a response,” says the author. All additional proceedings stay until the outcome of FIR No 39; which was filed in Tripura, and FIR No 82, which was filed in Assam. Within 4 weeks, a counter-affidavit must be prepared “DY Chandrachud, the Chief Justice of India stated.

The three-member bench that heard this case included Justice Chandrachud, Justice Surya Kant, and Justice Vikram Nath. “The difficulty they have is that the they released the facts, and then an investigation was opened… and another Complaint was filed claiming that the narrative was false,” senior attorney Siddharth Luthra had claimed on the reporters’ behalf.

Theos, Assistant Editor Arti Ghargi, and two reporters, Samridhi Sakunia and Swarna Jha, had filed a petition with the court. The reporters’ reports allegedly promoted hostility between communities and spread sectarian; hatefulness by releasing false news on sectarian tensions, according to Tripura police.

The petitioners defended the police response by claiming that they were merely reporting reality on the ground, depending on the accounts of the victims of the assault. The FIRs were dubbed “targeted press persecution” by the plaintiffs.

Ms. Sakunia and Ms. Jha were arrested by Tripura Police after being detained for three hours at a police headquarters in Assam’s Karimganj division. “We informed them that our attorney was on his way and requested that they wait. ‘Nobody is arriving,’ they exclaimed loudly. They also failed to provide a copy of the order to us “In response to their arrest, the reporters claimed.

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