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Will Delhi Air pollution news-related restrictions remain in place? Decision tomorrow

Air pollution news Gopal Rai, the Delhi environment minister, will meet with senior government officials on Monday to evaluate the constraints placed in the national capital to reduce pollution levels.

“The meeting has been termed to discuss the restrictions that are set to expire on Sunday. Officials from all concerned departments will be present,” an official was quoted as saying by the news agency PTI.

The Delhi government introduced a 10-point “decision list” last Wednesday, which included measures suggested by the central air panel as well as those imposed by the state government.

Construction work has been banned in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), and trucks have been barred from entering the city, according to the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM).

The decision was made during a meeting held in reaction to the Supreme Court’s 24-hour deadline for officials to prepare a list of urgent moves to control rising levels of air pollution.

Construction and demolition activities were also prohibited by the Delhi government until November 17, which was then extended until November 21. The directive directing all government offices to work from home will remain in effect until November 21. The Delhi government also ordered the closure of academic institutions until November 21, which will now be extended until further notice.

Additional measures were also announced, including the use of fire trucks to sprinkle water at the city’s 13 pollution hot spots and the purchase of 1,000 private buses to supplement the public bus fleet.

The air quality in Delhi remained “very poor” on Sunday morning, with authorities predicting that strong surface winds will provide some relief from the city’s high pollution levels during the day.

At 9 a.m., the city’s air quality index was 382; the 24-hour average AQI on Saturday was 374. The air quality in Faridabad (347), Ghaziabad (344), Greater Noida (322), Gurgaon (345), and Noida (356) was also rated “very poor.”

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