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Why Does Prashant Kishor Brand Have a Low Chance of Success in the Absence of Partisanship?

Why Does Prashant Kishor Brand

Prashant Kishor Twitter bio has a statement that reveals a reserved man. Its strange phrasing is both a command and a declaration of faith. But we might read his statements in a far more profound sense. One that foreshadows a depoliticization politics – shaped by the “end of philosophy” and the “art of the possible.”  That underpins much of our current situation. He remains a severely unresearched person, much to our cost, since he plays an increasingly vital role in Indian politics.

Kishor was removed from the Janata Dal in January 2020 for “anti-party activity.” Kishor previously coordinated the party’s victorious campaign for the Bihar elections in 2015. Alongside the Congress and the Rashtriya Janata Dal, and he was a minister in Nitish Kumar’s ministry. The reason for this is disagreements with Kumar over the Citizenship Amendment Act. It was passed in December of this year. Kishor strongly chastised Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s attitude. Even alleging that Kumar was endangering India by supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Have a Low Chance of Success

This stood out like a sore thumb for a person whose consulting work spanned the Indian political spectrum — now with the BJP, now with the Congress. It was all a deception. Kishor’s unseen hand was noticeable in several of its actions in late 2019. When it sided with Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, such as its choice to avoid Shaheen Bagh. The epicenter of anti-Citizenship Amendment Act movements, entirely.

During his spat with Bihar’s chief minister, Kishor claimed to believe in an “egalitarian humanism steeped in the Gandhian tradition.” A vague enough expression of conviction to attract both Pm Modi and the Communism. Instead, as British Marxist thinker Stuart Hall put it, there seems to be an “absence of a political sensibility” lurking beneath. The trappings of egalitarian Gandhism hide a truer philosophy of no ideology at all, which is suitably devoid of content.

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