What the Rajasthan cabinet reshuffle means for the Congress’ turf war and Sachin Pilot

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Rajasthan cabinet, the Rajasthan government cabinet reshuffle took place on Sunday, almost sixteen months after a public spat between Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his then-deputy Sachin Pilot.

On November 21, fifteen new names were integrated into the Rajasthan cabinet, five of whom are Pilot supporters. But it’s unclear whether the conflict in Rajasthan’s government and the Congress’ state unit has been resolved.

Pilot was unambiguous on the subject. “I’m curious as to why there’s so much talk about factionalism in Congress.” We’re all in this together. Together, we fought the elections and formed the government. “In the Congress, there is only one faction,” he told the press after the reshuffle was announced.

Pilot went on to say that the new cabinet was “inclusive,” with four Dalit ministers, three ST ministers, and three women ministers and that it had the “stamp of Priyanka Gandhi.”

Five of the new cabinet members were among a group of 18 loyalist MLAs who supported Sachin Pilot when the then-deputy chief minister rebelled against Gehlot in July 2020, descending the state into a month-long political crisis.

Hemaram Choudhary, Vishvendra Singh, Ramesh Meena, Brijendra Singh Ola, and Murari Lal Meena are the individuals in question. Murari Lal and Ola have been appointed as ministers of state, while the other three have been appointed to the cabinet.

Vishvendra Singh and Ramesh Meena were also ministers in the prior cabinet but were forced to resign along with Pilot due to the political crisis.

Similarly, Hemaram Choudhary, a minister at the time, had submitted his resignation from the Assembly, but it was not accepted.

Sachin Pilot is still without a formal position in the party or the government, although some of his supporters have been inducted into the cabinet. Because Dotasra, who was seen as a temporary president when he was appointed, has now been removed from the cabinet under the “one person, one post” principle, Pilot is unlikely to reclaim his position as state president.

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