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Twitter Crisis: Rattled and uncertain of its future, the Social media giant stumbles on

Twitter Crisis: Anxious workers, cautious marketing, and constrained management Twitter is struggling while it waits to find out how Elon Musk’s buyout proposal will be resolved. The company is in limbo only days before the first court hearing in Twitter’s lawsuit, which seeks to compel the Tesla CEO to complete the $44 billion deal. “The best conclusion for me would be that he leaves us alone so that we can go on our merry way,” A senior social media network engineer told AFP. The engineer mentioned retiring staff and a  “climate of uncertainty that does not leave one with a peaceful state of mind.”

Twitter Crisis

“We’re still trying to do our work normally because the main reasons why we chose to work for Twitter still hold true,” he included. Musk’s uninvited offer, which he has since withdrawn from, had nothing typical about it, and he claims that Twitter has concealed the extent of the platform’s false account problem. He has mockingly criticised the network’s leadership and strategy in tweets posted on the network’s own platform, no less.

“Musk’s repeated disparagement of Twitter and its personnel, create uncertainty… that harm Twitter and its stockholders,”  In their complaint filed this week, the firm’s attorneys argued. The billionare commented  “also expose Twitter to adverse effects on its business operations, employees, and stock price,” added by the lawyer. The first hearing in the case has been scheduled by a judge for Tuesday at a court in the eastern state of Delaware

Sluggish Ad Sales

“Twitter is facing a huge image crisis, and confidence in its leadership is wavering,” Debra Williamson, an analyst for eMarketer, told AFP. “But whether the Musk situation has affected its revenues is unclear.” According to her, the most devoted advertisers have probably remained, whilst those who are less committed to Twitter may have reduced their expenditure while anticipating the outcome. Because Musk has frequently criticised content control, says Media Matters president Angelo Carusone, the damage is already done. Many people inside support the fight against hatred and misinformation, but many marketers also support it because they want to avoid having their businesses linked to harmful statements.

Twitter lost hundreds of millions of dollars in 2020 and 2021, in contrast to large fish like Google and Facebook parent Meta, which control online advertising and generate billions in revenues. According to eMarketer, the group will only account for less than 1% of global ad revenue in 2022, falling short of Facebook’s 12.5%, Instagram’s 9%, and TikTok’s approximately 2% share. Additionally, according to Williamson, an analyst at eMarketer, Twitter’s user base in the United States is predicted to hardly increase and could even decrease.

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