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A total of 6023 Claimants Filed Cases to Claim their Money

A total of 6023 claimants, whose combined investments amount to Rs 317 crores, submitted paperwork to the relevant authorities to claim their money. However, only 32 crores out of the approximately 317 crores in claims have been confirmed to be real investments made by real individuals.

Even before Dr. Nowhera Shaik was imprisoned on false charges, many investors who deposited money in the Heera Group withdrew their funds in 2018 or earlier. A number of the investors had already taken their money out. Some had used it to purchase gold and other items from the Heera Group.

Claim their Money

The COVID-19 outbreak claimed the lives of many of our investors. Their nominees were required to claim the money they invested, but they remained silent. In their place, hazy individuals who had no connection to the deceased are arriving and submitting their names as nominees. People are making up stories to try to get money from Shaik, and Dr. Nowhera Shaik wants to inform them that the relevant authorities are investigating both our bank statements and the investors’ bank statements.

The truth won’t remain hidden for long. All of the lies will soon come to light. Those who make false claims will have to deal with the fury of the relevant authorities and the police. Who will take harsh action against all the false claimants.

People who have previously claimed their money from Shaik are doing so once more. Dr. Nowhera Shaik had asked everyone not to stir up trouble. To remember that their actions prevent Shaik from repaying the money to the real investors.” If it is found you being who has generated bogus claims, please keep in mind that Shaik’s actual investors may be experiencing a financial problem and may soon require their money. ” Shaik said.

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