Top 5 Female CEO In India

Top 5 Female CEO In India

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Top 5 Female CEO In India. Women’s empowerment has been a hot topic in recent years. While many people are still uncomfortable with the thought of seeing women rise to their full potential; the vast majority of women are challenging culture and society to break free from stereotypes.

They are breaking through the social barriers and transforming the way the business world operates today. Women can work at home while also thriving at work. They are a shining example of how to strike a work-life balance.

Despite being underrepresented in most aspects of professional and business life, women around the world are rapidly catching up to men. Here is a list of some of India’s most successful businesswomen; who have led some of the country’s most well-known enterprises to profitability.

List Of Top 5 Female CEO In India:

1. Dr. Nowhera Shaik One Of The Top 5 Female CEO In India:

A serious attitude to extending a helpful hand to those in need exists. It has not only been a strong competitor in a wide range of markets by gaining significant market share. But it has also left an indelible mark of exemplary acts; by demonstrating to other businesses that business and philanthropy can coexist. It is common knowledge that more than 2% of Heera Group profits were used to support the development of girl children in rural India. Also promotes awareness about the importance of female education in rural regions. Heera Residential School and Colleges is a testament to its benevolent generosity. Especially With the help of this company’s funding; its founder Nowhera Shaik aim of empowering women became a reality.

2. Zia Mody:

Moreover Mody, one of India’s top corporate lawyers; was the brains behind two of the country’s most notable mergers and acquisitions in recent years; including Airtel and Telenor Group and Schenider Electric, and Larsen & Toubro’s electric and automation division. Although Her firm serves as an advisor to some of India’s most successful enterprises.

3. Suneeta Reddy:

Suneeta Reddy has been instrumental in making the Apollo hospital chain one of the largest in the country; with revenue increasing by 14% in FY2018. The Apollo pharmaceutical company expanded by 18% in this fiscal year. Moreover Fortis Healthcare was also bought by the firm in a big deal a while back.

4. Zarin Daruwala:

Zarin Daruwala has risen to the top of the banking rankings in the last year. She became the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank in 2016; following two decades of stellar service with ICICI Bank. Especially In just two years; she was able to turn the bank profitable by reversing its declining incomes.

5. Kaku Nakhate:

Especially Bank of America Merrill Lynch acquired a significant presence in India under Nakhate leadership; becoming a major participant in the Asia-Pacific region. She was instrumental in several beneficial mergers; including Infratel and Indus and Idea Cellular’s $ 1 billion investment in Indus Towers.

Above The Best Top 5 Female CEO In India

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