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Thiruvananthapuram, a Man Died, And His Leg Was Cut off From a Group of 12; Police Apprehended Four Suspects

Thiruvananthapuram, a Man Died, And His Leg Was Cut off From a Group of 12

Thiruvananthapuram a guy who was part of an attempt to murder case was brutally removed from life and his leg was cut off by a gang of 12 attackers a day ago, police said. Four of the assailants are behind bars now. An auto driver was among the four arrests; according to a Pothencode cop, the perpetrators utilized his three-wheeler to reach the victim’s residence and then fled the scene. The officer stated that the inquest was still ongoing.

He said the dead person was part of the attempt to murder case at the Attingal police station and that the police had yet to locate him when the accident occur. The perpetrators barged into the apartment where the sufferer was hiding and hacked off his leg on Sunday evening.

Police Apprehended Four Suspects

According to reports, 12 people got part in the attack, and all came in autorickshaws and motorcycles. According to reports, the group approached Sudheesh after learning that he was hiding in the Pananvila region near Kalloor. Sudheesh rushed into the house of a guy named Sajeevan when he saw the group.

The assailants stormed the house, brandishing swords and threatening family members, including children. They assaulted him right in front of their eyes. Outside, the terrorists detonated a bomb to frighten spectators. They then walked away, tossing one of the dismembered legs in the process. According to police, he was then into Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, but his life could not be spared. They later threw the limb on the road as they fled the scene, according to police.

On Saturday evening, four of them were part of the arrests by the police and are currently being part of the questions at Mangalapuram police headquarters. According to the officer, they will be a further part of Pothencode police headquarters. The other suspect in the crime is now dealing with questions and acquisitions, according to authorities.

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