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The number of everyday covid cases in India has risen to 1.79 lakh, the highest since May.

Covid cases in India, There were 1,79,723 new coronavirus cases recorded in India in a single day, bringing the total to 3.57 crore, with 4,033 instances of the Omicron variety recorded across 27 states/union territories. The virus has been related to 146 fatalities in the nation. Active case now constitute for 2.03 % of all infections. And the healing rate has plummeted to 96.62 % across the nation. As per data released this morning by the Health Ministry, the active COVID-19 caseload increased by 1,33,008 cases in 24 hours.

Every day, the number of instances of covid surpasses the previous day’s total. Will the government take any action in this regard? Now there’s a debate about vaccinations, with more than 90% of people receiving both doses and more than half receiving the first dose. So, why are there so many of these cases? Many health policymakers, and several models have been constructed to anticipate COVID-19’s path during the first and second waves. Some were beneficial, while others were ineffective. While a model can be extremely useful in predicting future infectious diseases, it can also be deceiving if empirical evidence is few and insufficient.

The overall positivity rate was 7.92%, while the everyday positivity percentage was 13.29 percent. According to the ministry, the total number of doses provided in the country as part of the nationwide vaccination push has surpassed 151.94 crores. On Sunday, Maharashtra, one of the worst-affected states by the Covid outbreak, recorded 44,388 new COVID-19 infections and 12 deaths.

COVID-19 positive patients number 69,20,044 in the state. In the state, there are 2,02,259 active cases. The daily impact significantly was gaining on average. Furthermore, the number of Omicrons in India has increased. Maharashtra continues to top the way. As per data issued by the Union Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, new cases of Omicron variant have been documented across all states and union territory. Today, active cases account for 2% percent of all infections.

According to the health ministry, the nationwide Covid-19 recuperation rate has dropped. But the overall case is going to increase till mid year. India begin administering the anti-COVID-19 immunization as a preventive measure from today, according to Health Minister. Those over 60 with impairments who have taken both doses within nine months. It includes healthcare workers, frontline warriors, and those over 60 with comorbidities. According to the minister, they will be ready for the prophylactic dose.

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