The Enforcement Directorate seizes crores of rupees from Hemant Soren’s aide, Pankaj Mishra

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The proprietor of inland vessels is in trouble with illegal activities against the government’s rules and regulations. Illegal mining was taking place to the core, causing concern among many people who were unable to confront the owner. Mishra was arrested at first for land mining and money laundering charges filed against him by the accused. The illegal mining produced mined stones, chips, stone boulders, and some more. It used to happen as they advanced in their operations in Sukarghat (Jharkhand) without the permission of the appropriate departments.

Scamming was discovered in Sahib Ganj, and the ED was called in to deal with the consequences. The ED seized about Rs. 3 crore in cash and discovered a number of related documents. Raids took place in nearly 18 locations, including Sahibganj, Rajmahal, and Berhait. Fraud-related searches are also conducted in relation to the tender. A total of Rs. 11 crores is held in 37 bank accounts, according to reports, and the funds are the result of money laundering incidents at the firm.

There were five stone crushers that were being illegally operated and had also been seized by the ED. As evidence was gathered during the case investigation, statements from various individuals, digital proofs, and documents revealing a few bank accounts with cash were also discovered.

After these raids according to the reports, Rs. 100 crores nearly are found to come into existence in illegal mining, looting money, etc. The Central Agency was conducting raids, and IAS Officer Pooja Singhal, her businessman husband, and others were among those involved in the investigation. According to the sources who have come forward, the majority of the money comes from illegal mining cases belonging to senior bureaucrats and politicians. 

The case is ongoing, and once the precise actions of the firm are known, accurate measures can be taken by the government.

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