The CEO of Heera Group, will clear the claimed investments only to the genuine investors

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On the 27th of December, Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of Heera Group, visited the Enforcement Directorate to showcase the strong monetary proofs that are beyond the Supreme Court’s minimal liability requirement and submitted the release of the property’s attachment. The property is free of ED restrictions, and the purchasers of the property are visiting the property across the state. They have complete freedom to choose any portion of the property that is beneficial to them. The property is undeniably for sale. Hopefully, as per the response from the buyer’s the land will be sold soon.

The claimed investors are only 3%, or 6,023 in number, of those who have claimed their investments. Those investors have lodged a case against the CEO of Heera Group, for their investments. The claimed investors have lost their opportunity to be permanent investors in the business organization. The profits of the claimed investors will be deducted, and only the principal amount will be provided by the firm. The claimed investor is supposed to visit the head office of the firm located in Hyderabad and submit the original documents that were provided by the Heera Group, at the time of investing. Once the claimed investors are found in the firm’s records and are genuine in their claims, those investors’ amounts will be released. The authentication process will be led by the SFIO, due to security reasons like the investors who have already received their investments are still claiming for the same that is unaccounted. Henceforth, to make the process faster, the CEO of Heera Group, has informed the verification departments to progress with their work faster so that it will be easier to clear all the claimed investments.

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