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Saturday, January 22News That Matters

Telangana Chief Minister Warns That if You Don’t Keep Your Mouth Shut, Your Tongue Would Be Severed

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao struck out at the BJP-led federal government, warning the party’s provincial chief Bandi Sanjay that if he speaks loosely, “we will cut your tongue.”

Sanjay has been fooling Telangana farmers by encouraging them to sow paddy and offering them fake expectations that the BJP will assure that the output is purchased, KCR remarked while speaking to the media in Hyderabad. Telangana has about 5 lakh tonnes of paddy leftover from last year. The Centre isn’t convinced “he continued

Keep loose speaking to a minimum. If you make unwarranted remarks about us, we will cut your tongues.”

“You (BJP) are killing farmers by running cars on them,” KCR remarked, slamming the BJP for its policies; “against farmers.” People should beat farmers to death, according to a BJP chief minister.

Moreover “We will support farmers who oppose three pieces of farm policy. We are in charge of rescuing the farmers. The opposition is engaging in shady political maneuvering. They’re attempting to manipulate farmer feelings “He went on to say that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi would fight against the Centre for Farmers’ Protection.

KCR launched a verbal assault on the BJP, asking what the party had accomplished in the last seven years. KCR also asked that the Centre remove the cess on gasoline and diesel, saying; “The Centre has misled about the price of gasoline and diesel. The price of crude oil was 105 dollars in 2014 and is presently 83 dollars. The BJP deceived the public by claiming that gasoline and diesel costs had risen in other countries.”

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