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Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin Warns against harassing girl students

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin made a plea to students on Monday, urging them to reject suicidal thoughts and instead adopt a positive outlook. He also stated that the government would not stand by and do nothing when incidences of harassment of any kind of women students occurred.

Stalin expressed distress over “recent episodes,” which seemed to allude to female students taking drastic action, and urged those in charge of educational institutions should have a service-oriented attitude and not view their institutions as businesses. Stalin’s remarks are made in light of ongoing instances affecting female pupils.

CM MK Stalin

CM MK Stalin declared that his government would take harsh action

The Chief Minister declared that his government would take harsh action against those harming girl children, quoting poems of nationalist poet Mahakavi Bharathi that encourage kids to bravely oppose and fight against those who damage them. When speaking at an event in a city college, Stalin declared that the government would not stand by and do nothing about heinous instances of sexual, mental, or physical harassment of female students.

Action will be taken with determination. They will be held accountable and punished appropriately. Under no circumstances should girls be encouraged to consider suicide, he said. He warned the pupils, “There must not be any suicidal ideas.”

He recommended parents and teachers have open conversations with pupils about their issues, aspirations, and objectives to promote positive mental health. Students can only advance academically after overcoming several obstacles, therefore to develop, they must learn to turn obstacles into opportunities that lead to success.

A Class 12 student in Tiruvallur district, age 17, was discovered hanged on the grounds of her school dormitory on July 25. The same day, a first-year B Pharm student fell to the ground from her college’s first floor in a separate occurrence at Vikravandi in the Villupuram District. Suicide attempts are believed to be the cause.

After a student aged 17 died, there was violence on July 17 in the Kallakurichi neighborhood. She was enrolled in a private school in the Kaniyamoor neighborhood of Chinnasalem, 15 kilometers away from Kallakurichi, the district administrative center. On July 13, she was discovered dead on the hostel grounds.

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