The number of everyday covid cases in India has risen to 1.79 lakh, the highest since May.

Tamil Nadu Allows Jallikattu With Conditions And Vaccination Requirements

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Jallikattu, The Tamil Nadu government permitted the ‘Jallikattu’ event. A historic bullfighting sport normally conducted during the Pongal holiday in January across the state. Permitted with limits on the number of viewers and necessary vaccines, amid rising Covid-19 infections. Only two persons – the bull’s owners and an assist – will be permitted inside the stadium. Additionally, district governments will issue an Identity Card to the two individuals. Those who do not have the cards will not be permitted to enter the ring. The subjects had to be fully vaccinated and have a negative RT PCR test within 48 hours.

All players who engage in sports must have a complete vaccination and a negative RT PCR certificate. The district authorities will issue ID cards to players, just as they do to bull owners. Three days before the tournament, the districts must finish providing ID cards to team owners. While 300 people are allowed to compete in ‘Jallikattu,’ or bull-taming. The government also stated that all personnel monitoring the preparations. Sport’s organizers and viewers, should be properly vaccinated and have a negative test report.

Is the government’s action correct in light of the fact that the number of cases is expanding so rapidly? Instead of putting a halt to it, the government’s decision may turn out to be mistaken. If the highest number of cases are seen across India now, majority is only in South India. Jallikattu became a point of contention between the Bjp and the Congress party ahead of the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. An exploration of what it represents for Tamil culture, as well as the controversies that have resulted in an ongoing court dispute. With Assembly elections approaching in Tamil Nadu, the BJP and Congress have focused their attention on the Pongal celebration and Jallikattu.

In addition, a maximum capacity restriction has been enforced for spectators. Either half of the stadium capacity of the open environment where the event takes place. A maximum of 150 spectators, whichever is lower, has been authorized. People living in towns and cities other than the sport’s site are encouraged to watch the action on broadcast or online. According to the government, the activities must be planned with state authorization.

Particularly, the Locals sent a plea to chief minister MK Stalin in December the year before signed by 80 doctors from across the country imploring him not to permit the occasion this year, referencing the current Covid-19 situation. The activity is usually hosted during the state’s annual ‘Pongal’ celebration in January.

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