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Who killed RSS Worker Sanjita?

Who killed RSS Worker Sanjita?

Sanjita Murder Highlights: SDPI is the political extension of the admired Front of India.In the morning, RSS laborer A Sanjith was stabbed to death in Kerala's Palakkad area on 15 November.A Sanjith was murdered in front of his wife at around 9 am.According to Sanjith's wife, the violation was committed by five people, and she can recognize all of them.The Kerala Police have included seven teams to examine the crime. Sanjita On 16 November, SDPI Social Democratic Party of India partners allegedly murdered Sanjith (20) at Elappully in Kerala's Palakkad district. SDPI is the political branch of the Popular Front of India PFI. The incident took place on 16 November in the morning when Sanjith was crossing with his wife on a two-wheeler. The attackers, who existed in a car, first s...