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Supreme Court Update About Heera Group

Supreme Court Update. The CEO of Heera Group Nowhera shaik updated SC court hearing debate update of 12 May 22. An amazing victory they achieved Supreme Court. Supreme Court supported Heera Group too understanding company Ups and downs. So as per the debate of 12 may Supreme Court announced to stay the fake case of SIFO. Which is very big decision has taken by Supreme Court also Supreme Court has announced; that can sell all the 87 properties of Heera Group to pay back to their clients.

So per the all scenarios of multiple greed had been announced are getting; cleared also Nowhera shaik has announced to return the money though. She did not even get any such update to return the money be Nowhera shaik announced to return it also; Supreme Court said this much long investigation nothing is coming out against Nowhera shaik or Heera Group.

Supreme Court Update:

Nowhera shaik also said for the 6000 people she made a help desk with the names; those all people said why my name is there even. If we have not at all issues or anything to do with this complain we are completely; on your favor so this also proves that she is innocent. Also she said to all the people that your; details are here with you id so this step is being taken. So almost those all said to close the incident from their end cause they are completely; in the favor Supreme Court heard all this these things and taken a initiated step

Especially She also said about her AVG fake links which are coming to the official platform; said this too that the payment verification everything is going on properly on regular basis.

Moreover she said on financial crime cases it is the very first duty not to arrest but first clear; the people’s funds or provide notice Supreme Court said on 24 march you continue the SIFO. As per the FIR if there would be any issues; then talk to them and show the notice of Supreme Court they will to nothing.

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