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Such a Proud Moment: Dr. Nowhera Shaik has been listed in The Super 100

Such a proud moment for all Heera Group and Dr. Nowhera Shaik supporters, Shaik has been featured in “The Super 100”.

There could be no great reason to start a business to create wealth that could fund charitable initiatives and there could be no greater person or business leader than Dr. Nowhera Shaik who had stuck to her principles. She did the same when she founded Heera Group of Companies in the year 1998. In a very short period, Dr. Nowhera Shaik and Heera Group of Companies have captured the hearts and minds of a large section of people from all communities and countries. 

Dr. Nowhera

All this was possible with help of the creative, innovative, principles-based business policy of Heera Group and Philanthropic interests associated with it. What makes Shaik unique and different from other business leaders? It is her attitude and personality. That always looks for the opportunity to address all humanitarian problems. At the same time these opportunities don’t affect her beliefs and principles too.

She started her business journey in 1998 with gold exports and imports. This business runs under the name of Heera Gold Exports and Imports. She started from a small town of India. Today Heera Group of Companies have flourished its ways all over the world. Especially in the middle eastern countries Heera Group of Companies have a great say.

Her objective was very much clear to use her profits from the business in empowering and Educating poor, underprivileged womens and no doubt the business made its way towards its goal and objectives.

Education that Inspired Philanthropy

Dr. Nowhera Shaik was born in a conservative Muslim family in Tirupati. Since childhood, she always used to assist her father in his business activities. During her school days, she managed to learn and understand the terms of the corporate world. Shaik had inherited a highly spiritual and cultural background with a good level of business proficiency.

At the young age of 19, she taught 6 girls about their rights. While at the same time giving them lessons to live their lives under the guidance and principles of the Quran. Starting with only 6 girls it later reached some 300. She became the trustee of Ismail Educational Trust which used to provide academic and religious education to more than 1000 women. Started from Tirupati and expanded to other regions as well such as Surat, Mumbai, Belapur, etc.

A Continuous String of Humanitarian Initiatives

Being the president of a Muslim women’s organization, Shaik has been supporting a great Number of the underprivileged, downtrodden and poor women by engaging in activities like sponsoring Education, health camps, empowering women, etc. The organization has its branches in different cities in India and the Middle East.

She has also developed a new system named Mobile Clinic which will provide medical services to almost millions of people and patients along with dispensed medicines at their doorsteps.  In other words, Nowhera Shaik was the first to build business enterprises. That could be used as tools for carrying out social activities that supported charitable work and conducting business in an Islamic manner.

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