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SpiceJet News Today 2022

SpiceJet News Today 2022. During the last weekend of December, a SpiceJet passenger flight from Rajkot, Gujarat, took off from Delhi without receiving the required authorization from Air Traffic Control. The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has called for an investigation. The aircraft has been de-registered pending the outcome of the study.

The investigation had revealed that ATC had instructed the pilots to hold at the holding point of the runway. At the same time, the co-pilot had read back ATC instructions correctly. And briefed the same to pilot-in-command, the latter had breached the holding point of the runway.

According to the Rajkot airport manager, the incident occurred on December 30, 2021. “The pilots had failed to obtain the required takeoff authorization from ATC Rajkot. The director stated, “A complete report has been given to the Civil Aviation Authority of India headquarters and the DGCA.” SG-3703 was on time for takeoff to Delhi, according to the aircraft schedule. But ATC noticed that the crew flew without obtaining the required takeoff approval.

“The Rajkot ATC inquired of the crew of how they flew sans permission to take off… The pilots apologized and admitted that they had made a mistake. When the jet took off, this exchange took place “According to the news agency, a top official from the Airport Authority said.

As per the report, a pilot stated that the probe would determine how the lapse occurred and who was responsible. “Was it a misunderstanding, an error, or something else?” This must be considered as a once-in-a-lifetime event that It cannot replicate. According to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), any aircraft must obtain mandatory takeoff authorization from ATC before taking off. Regardless of whether the runway is secured or not, or any other aeroplane not coming for an incident.

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