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Sonali Phogat Death Case: Accused confession to spiking drink, claim police  

Actress and Haryana BJP politician Sonali Phogat was allegedly drugged and taken to the bathroom by one of the key suspects just before she passed away, according to the Goa Police, who also say that the primary suspect has admitted to the crime. After a murder case was filed based on the allegation of the victim’s brother Rinku, two accused, Sukhwinder Singh and Sudhir Sangwan, were detained under Section 302 (34) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), according to Inspector General of Police for Goa, Omvir Singh.

Sonali Phogat

Following an initial investigation, the police discovered the main suspects in the case, Sukhwinder and Sudhir, had allegedly tainted Phogat’s drink with some “obnoxious components” before escorting her to the restroom for two hours around 4:30 am when she had “totally lost her senses.” When the accused is questioned while in custody and asked to describe what was done to her in the restroom, further information is anticipated to be revealed, according to Singh.

“After the victim’s post mortem, we followed all due procedures of sending notice to the accused, interrogating them. CCTV footage obtained from Curlies club in North Goa’s Anjuna Beach shows the prime accused, Sudhir Sangwan and associate Sukhwinder Singh, partying with the deceased,’  Singh said. ‘A video establishes that one of them forcefully made the victim consume a substance,’ further Singh added.

‘When confronted, Sukhwinder and Sudhir confessed that they intentionally mixed an obnoxious chemical into a liquid and made the Sonali Phogat drink it forcefully,’ Singh said. Singh stated that it was clear from the video that the victim was coerced into ingesting the poison. When she became unable to control herself, one of the defendants forced her to drink a second tainted shot before escorting her to the bathroom, according to Singh. Gopal Kanda, a former Haryana minister and MLA for the BJP, has not yet been mentioned in connection with the investigation, according to Singh.

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