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Reply back to scammers who have publicly humiliated Nowhera Shaik.

Nowhera Shaik has been receiving threats from random WhatsApp numbers. They are blackmailing her into paying if she wants a peaceful life and not do badmouthing for her or her company Heera Group.

The boss lady has not given any response to these threats. Just the well-wishers and people who she has helped wholeheartedly have given some reactions to the fake chatter round.

The supports have lashed out in support by saying that many bank accounts are still frozen by the government. Once those bank accounts are released, then the working will be smoother. They even said that the iron lady had carried 25000 plus employees with her for the past 20 years. She will never leave them abandoned. She is trying her best to do everything for them. Nowhera is not a scammer or influencer but a person with sheer determination to help everyone progress and rise.

The allegation of the opening ceremony of Heera Gold digital was to be meant to be a marketing strategy to reach the masses. If such a launch wouldn’t have taken place, then people would not be aware of the changes happening in Heera Group, neither would they have been aware of the excellent investment opportunity ahead of them. Strangely, but the truth is that they had onboarded 10,000 plus investors by 4 o’clock, even before the grand launch event.

All the Heera Group investments are secured as they claim it. Insurance has been taken as cover and protection, which is mandatory for business. There is a false rumor going around that Heera Group is established in 150 stores, but the truth is that they have claimed they will set it up in 150 stores shortly.

There are many false claims that investors are going around, but there is nothing to worry they are getting caught red-handed. SFIO is working on those factors, seeing those who are committing the fraud of falsifying their evidence of investing in the company and claiming the money.

Nowhera Shaik, the fighter who has faced all the problems single-handedly, will not stop until all her debts and doubts are cleared in their minds. She is terrible to the person in a good way. Nowhera is not bowing down to the threats and blackmail. Dr. Nowhera Shaik will break them all one by one. She will not give up on people and help each one. You do the same by spreading her message.

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