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Recent Gang Rape Victim In Mumbai

Recent Gang Rape Victim In Mumbai Is A 19-year-old Married woman who came from Kolkata to Mumbai in search of work along with one of her relatives was gang-raped by 4 men in the Kurla area of Mumbai. Reportedly, it is said that of those four people who gang-raped her among them one was her relative who took part in this vicious act. Till now Mumbai Police have arrested four people. And they are still investigating if any other angle or point is coming in the case.

A 19-year-old Married Woman from Kolkata was gang raped by 4 in the Kurla region of Mumbai:

Mumbai Police Official confirmed and said on Tuesday that “Woman who came; to Mumbai in search of job gang-raped in Kurla region of Mumbai. The Nehru Nagar police station has filed the case and arrested four accused in this matter”. Although The woman told the police that she was being gang-raped by four; people in which one was her relative and three others were unknown to her. The case has been filed in the Nehru Nagar police station of Mumbai.

The victim was being accused by the four men since March 2022, initially. She didn’t go to the police for help as she was very; much new in the big city and she didn’t know anyone ver there. But later when she got pregnant and could bare all things, her family members asked the reason behind it then she confessed everything to them and they later took her to the police and the matter came to light. The girl also confessed that she came to Mumbai in search of a job along with her Brother in law and she use to live in her brother-in-law’s home situated in Kurla where his brother-in-law raped her and for a few bunch of money let other three rape and Physically accuse her.

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