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Reasons Education does Empower Women and Girls Heera Group Is a Progressive Ally

Heera Group, The United Nations’ fourth sustainable development target is high-quality education. The fifth is gender equality. These objectives are tightly connected, even though they are classified individually. Indeed, women and girls around the world have much less access to education than men. With women, it accounts for 66 percent of the world’s 774 million illiterate people. This startling number emphasizes the global importance of women’s education. The Heera Group, under the guidance of Dr. Nowhera Sheikh, has come up with the best support here.

Heera Group’s Objective : Education Reduces Women’s Poverty

Poverty is a sexist phenomenon and It is deeply committed to eradicate the same. Poverty, like most socio-economic problems, disproportionately affects women throughout the world. So that It has stepped in to make the best progress for women’s education. Heera group is also trying to come up with equal distribution of income among both men and women. 

Heera Group Believes in – Education provides Women Added Employment Prospects

Not only do women want more employment, but they also require better occupations. Women are quite successful in leading the group and It is a live example of the same. Women’s and girls’ career prospects will vastly increase if they acquire a good education. This is where the Heera Group endeavors in.

Education heads to Delayed Marriage and Fewer Unintended Pregnancies

Nowhera Shaik since the very start has been educating women folks and she has been advocating herself for women rights. She has always believed and focused on girl education right from the very start and has always said no to early marriages. Most of these marriages and pregnancies occur in poor countries when women’s socio-economic conditions are already precarious. Although the solution is to educate women and girls. This is where the Heera group has stepped in with their supports and constructive measures. 


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