February elections will determine whether Cong's Punjab gamble was successful

Punjab Congress news today

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Punjab Congress news today, February elections will determine

Punjab Congress news today; the midnight coup that pushed Congress satrap Amarinder Singh out of the Punjab chief minister’s office is a bet that will be tried in the February assembly elections. Which will determine whether or not the drastic and surgical maneuver was successful.

The fall of the Punjab Congress in less than a year; from seeing the assembly polls as an apparently one-way street to legislators. Being concerned about their prospects, was led by the towering figure of Amarinder Singh. The humiliation of Akali Dal in 2017; meant that the regional party struggled to rebuild its reputation. Which had been give out a blow by Singh’s campaign. While protests over the three new farm rules raised the likelihood of a friendly field.

But, surprisingly, the formerly positive attitude has given way to a perceptible sense of panic among MLAs; who have begun grumbling that the ground situation is difficult for the party, blaming Singh’s government. Finally set in motion a chain of circumstances that elevated the former cricketer to the position of state president.

 whether Cong’s Punjab gamble was successful

Although sidhu’s astute choice to exploit his powerful position to exacerbate MLA frustrations by relentlessly criticizing bete noire Singh; which reeked of reverse vendetta, resulted in the CM’s resignation. It is now up to the Punjab Congress, led by Sidhu; to demonstrate that the ship’s rocking was a wise strategy to quell apparent popular wrath against Singh.

It Was gaining ground in Punjab and had even eclipsed the Congress in popular perception. Singh’s side constantly dismissed the assessment, accusing it of being a sly plot to derail him.

Especially much will now be determined by Singh’s next move in the coming days. If he accepts an advisory post in the party and accepts the new reality. However, if he either breaks away or exploits his newfound independence to undermine Congress; the party might face a significant challenge.

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