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Prime Minister Cash Transfer Outreach to Woo Women Voters in Uttar Pradesh

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Prime Minister Cash Transfer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Prayagraj today for a one-of-a-kind event. The event was attended by over 2 lakh women. It is an attempt to woo female voters ahead of the 2022 elections. The vision is to empower women, particularly at the grassroots level, by the provision of the necessary skills, incentives, and resources. To help women, the Prime Minister will transfer Rs 1,000 crore to the bank accounts of Self Help Groups (SHGs). This in turn will benefit around 16 lakh women members. The Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY-NRLM) is facilitating this transfer, with 80,000 SHGs receiving Community Investment Fund (CIF) of Rs 1.10 lakh per SHG and 60,000 SHGs receiving Revolving Fund of Rs. 15000 per SHG.

The Prime Minister will encourage Business Correspondent-Sakhis (B.C.-Sakhis) by transferring Rs 4,000 as the first month’s stipend to a 20,000 B.C.-Sakhis account during the program. When B.C.-Sakhis start working as doorstep financial institutions at the grass-roots level.

Outreach to Woo Women Voters in Uttar Pradesh

Moreover B.C.-Sakhis are paid a stipend of Rs 4,000 for six months. This is a way to help them settle in and then start to earn through transaction commissions.

Especially PM Modi will lay the groundwork for 202 Supplementary Nutrition Manufacturing Units. Each of which will cost around Rs 1 crore (including the civil works). The Self Help Groups are funding these units. This program will directly employ 4,000 SHG members while also benefiting 60,600 SHGs by paying against their equity contributions. These units will provide Supplementary Nutrition under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in 600 of the 826 blocks in Uttar Pradesh, representing a Rs 5,000 crore annual business opportunity.

This will be the prime minister’s tenth visit to Uttar Pradesh in the last month. It has led people to directly believe that it is strategically important for BJP’s campaign.

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