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Police seized 250 Kg of fine-quality marijuana, 3 arrested

An interstate gang from Odisha that was trafficking drugs in the Delhi-NCR region has been dismantled by the Delhi Police Crime Branch. Along with the consignment’s receiver, Ishrafeel, also known as Ram Chandra, Palji Gautam, and Shabuddin, three others have been taken into custody. A truck’s fuel tank’s hidden hole contained at least 250 kilogrammes of high-quality marijuana (ganja) valued more than Rs 25 lakhs. ASI Sandeep learned about the supply of a sizable consignment of narcotics through technical analysis and field sources. The alleged phone number was consequently recorded after being intercepted.

quality marijuana

The mobile numbers of the driver and helper were extracted on July 24 following talks on intercepted phone numbers and CDRs of many numbers were analysed. A path from Odisha to Delhi was planned using the suspected mobile numbers of the truck’s driver and helper’s regular locations. Details of trucks that travelled through the various toll plazas on the basis of the route and location of suspected mobile numbers were gathered.

Additionally, it was determined that the shipment was planned to arrive in Bhalaswa, Delhi, by the next morning on July 25. The team was split into three sections, and an advanced unit led by SI Narendra was assigned to identify the truck based on the suspected driver’s phone locations. The squad arrived close to Mathura and began stopping the alleged trucks that were headed for Delhi.

A suspected truck was eventually stopped close to Noida. The advance team then started chasing a truck. The second squad, led by Inspector Sanjay Kaushik, was sent out to locate Sahabuddin, the recipient of the package. The location of the alleged receiver’s phone number was discovered close to the Bhalaswa region.

Technical analysis information revealed that a trap had been set. Driver Ishrafeel, assist Palji Gautam, and receiver Shabuddin were all taken into custody after the truck was stopped.

When the truck was opened, there were no products inside. The size of the fuel tank was discovered during the search to be unusually large. During questioning, suitcases containing 250 kg of quality marijuana and a concealed cavity constructed in a fuel tank were located.

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