Omicron news india

Omicron news india

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Omicron news india, With the Omicron version of coronavirus extending its proboscis across the country, a majority of states have increased surveillance to detect, track, and quarantine contact information of COVID-19 positive people. While Delhi has started genome sequencing of all infected individuals. They banned Christmas and New Year meetings.

From January 1, Haryana placed several restrictions in public places. Even though at least 90 of the affected patients have healed or relocated. India has reported over 250 cases of Omicron throughout 15 states and union territories. PM Narendra Modi will conduct a meeting on the COVID-19 situation throughout the country on Thursday. Amid new worries raised by the Omicron variation.

With over 50 instances of Omicron reported in the national capital. Kejriwal will host an assessment meeting on Thursday to evaluate the virus’s readiness and handling. Nine instances were reported in Kerala during the day, four in Rajasthan, and two in Andhra, among many others.

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Moreover DDMA has ordered district judges to guarantee that no Christmas or New Year celebrations take part in the national seat. The Karnataka government has urged district authorities and health officials to increase surveillance. And designate touch tracers and quarantined observers in the aftermath of 19 Omicron infections being discovered in the state.

Although T K Anil Kumar, senior secretary for health and family welfare, issued a directive stating that primary and secondary connections should be established within 24 hours of a COVID positive case being reported. From the date of COVID positive reporting, the principal contacts must be tested on the first day. And again on the eighth day, and they should be confined at home for 7 days.

According to the circular, overseas travelers from high-risk nations must be confined for seven days from the time they arrive until the follow-up and repeat RT-PCR testing on the eighth day. In terms of surveillance, it is stated that healthcare staff such as public health inspectors, community health officers, ASHA workers, and others.

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