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Nowhera Shaik Latest News

Nowhera Shaik Latest News. Dr Nowhera Shaik, the CEO and creator of the Heera Group of enterprises, has been wrongly accused of fraud in connection with the Heera Group’s main gold investment scheme. Foul play in the whole ordeal of filing FIRs, Dr Shaik’s arrest and her eventual police custody is very evident. But after all the turmoil of almost three years, how is she doing at the present?

Turmoil faced by Nowhera Shaik:

The reason for the allegations against her cited was that Heera Group customer had filed an FIR against her and her company. The arrest was made without any prior notice and she was Chenchalguda Jail in Hyderabad. Even after the release order was granted she was arrested by the Mumbai Police. On 1st January 2020, after releasing her from jail by saying that her family was waiting for her, there was no family member outside. Instead, two police officers in civil clothes forcefully put her in a car and took her to Mumbai. Even her request to make a call to her family was ignored.

The Irresponsibility of the Police on Nowhera Shaik:

After numerous court trials in which the irresponsibility of police was very clearly stated by the honorable judge, transferring her from one jail to another, questioning her for hours and putting her through immense mental turmoil, Dr Shaik remained in custody. A person with a heart of gold, who only wanted to give the vulnerable people a chance to invest in a good scheme so that their future can become bright, had gone through extreme mental pressure without any fault of her own. A group of people spiked with political rivalry is determined to destroy Dr Nowhera’s hard-earned reputation just because she did not give in to their threats.

Verdict of the Supreme Court:

Since the beginning of her troubles in 2018, it’s been almost 4 years. The time she had lost could never be compensated. But she still had total faith in the Indian Constitution and judiciary. Justice had to be served and the perpetrators had to be punished. Hence, the honorable Supreme Court has granted her company the clearance from the allegations made against her.

Truth shall always emerge victorious and Dr. Shaik is a significant proof of it. Heera Group is back to its normal course and investors are already getting their money back. No amount of lies can keep her away from the success and recognition she deserves.

Nowhera Shaik Latest News.

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