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Nowhera Shaik is making a change by entering politics.

India is a democratic country. The political system in India is filled with corruption, globalization, terrorism, religious violence, caste-related issues, etc. Politicians, I believe, have grabbed the issue of caste or minorities as an easy way to win elections. For example, in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is more focused on winning votes from Muslim voters or the minority communities. Similarly, if Indian politics continue the same way, then the country’s future is going to be terrible. According to the people entering the politics should be those who understand the difficulties our country is facing, which sectors need the push to establish, etc. With all these thoughts in my, Nowhera Shaik is the only person who comes to my mind who is into helping the country progress. 

The political journey of Nowhera Shaik is unique. Unlike most politicians, she entered politics with a bang. In our country India, there have been numerous cases of performers becoming politicians, but this only occurs after actors have completed their performing careers. However, in her situation, she was doing well in a company but chose to broaden her philanthropic horizons. As a result, she entered politics by founding her political party, the All India Mahila Empowerment Party. This political group shared her ideas and didn’t believe in discrimination, racism, or any other kind of prejudice. 

There was one case in particular that compelled her to enter politics. A woman was bludgeoned to death by her in-laws in one instance. Her husband, on the other hand, was liberated by the authorities due to his ties to a local MLA. Indeed, she did not receive enough votes in the first state election in which they competed, but who knows, maybe in a few years, her party may become more influential in the state’s political landscape!

They were taken aback when they discovered how powerful this lady was, even after numerous threat calls and other attempts to silence her. They needed to do something different, something that could jeopardize her career and image. They had huge plans in mind! They plotted against her to smear her reputation as a successful businesswoman.

She was wrongly accused of being involved in a scam involving a Halal investment scheme. She spent more than three years in prison due to the complete scheme allegations. The Supreme Court of India dismissed the claims of fraud in 2021. Now, the All India Empowerment Party still seems to be active and committed to the development of people throughout the country.

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