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Nowhera Shaik Clears A Rumor About The SFIO Reported FIR

A Rumor About The SFIO, CEO of Heera Group, Dr. Nowhera Shaik has come forward, clearing the rumor circulating on the social media about Heera Group clients complaining to SFIO. In a video update, Dr. Shaik started by wishing Ramzan Mubarak to the Heera Group Family. She said in the video message that after coming to know about the rumors alleging an FIR that SFIO filed. According to the organization, clients of the Heera Group have supposedly complained that they are not getting their money back.

But Nowhera Shaik has dismissed the claims citing false information circulating through WhatsApp forwards and other social media messages. She said that no official statement has reached her regarding such an issue.

The founder of Heera Group of Companies claimed that they are doing everything they can to deliver on their promises. The honorable Supreme Court has ordered SFIO to assist Heera Group in managing and releasing the dues for a smoother process. But the renowned philanthropist has claimed that such problems with the Serious Fraud Investigation Office are only making the fund release process difficult for her company instead of helping them with it.

A Rumor About The SFIO:

Nowhera Shaik further stated that on April 12 this year, SFIO released a list on their website alleging that 6200 people have complained about not getting their money. She said that she has met Mr. Ramesh of SFIO and requested the list so that she can personally look into the matter and address the grievances. According to Nowhera Shaik, the list has done nothing but create false panic amongst the people.

The clients that SFIO named to have complained against them denied doing any such thing and said that they have not sent any documents. They went to the authorities and said that they have no complaints against Heera Group and Nowhera Shaik company has only been helping them with the due process. To address this issue, she has released a circulation among her employees that a help desk would be established to help people who the SFIO has falsely named in the list. The helpdesk is instructed to collect letters regarding that from such clients and make a list of their names.

Nowhera Shaik Clears It:

Such a step was necessary because these clients of Heera Group; have been named in a false list even though they have not sent any such documents. Heera Group thinks that, as a responsible company, it is their responsibility to address this chaos. With sufficient Information, Dr. Shaik intends to go to the SFIO directly and confirm with due proof that the allegations were false. She expects that the help desk would take the pressure off the SFIO as well. Especially Nowhera Shaik states that she has diligently followed the order of the court and has cooperated with the organization. She has also helped the clients who came to her, addressing the confusion.

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