Nowhera Shaik- behind the limelight

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Nowhera Shaik- behind the limelight

Behind the limelight Ms. Nowhera Shaik

Nowhera Shaik, the CEO of Heera Group, likes to stay in the limelight always. In front of the camera, we all know her as a successful businesswoman. She is immensely progressive in her business. But, the reality is completely different from the perceptions. Despite being a renowned entrepreneur, Dr Shaik is a very soft-spoken lady. She knows to respect every person no matter what his position or status is.

She is very ambitious in her professional work. Also, she is pretty efficient in her personal life as well. Nowhera can balance her professional-personal life conveniently.

Background of Dr Nowhera Shaik:-

Nowhera belongs to a Muslim family with a humble background in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The eldest daughter of Shaik Nanne Saheb took responsibility for her entire family at an early age.

Meanwhile, she became more mature while growing up with such a huge responsibility. Moreover, she had to leave her education due to financial instability. She quitted her dream and promised her family to give them a comfortable and steady life.

Behind the limelight:-

Behind the lens, Dr Nowhera Shaik is a single mother who brought up her daughter. Single parenting is not easy to execute. But, Nowhera never admitted defeat in the struggle of her life. Moreover, she likes to face new challenges every day. According to her statement, the person who concedes defeat in adverse conditions will never succeed.

This psychology helped her to keep the promise that she made to her parents at a young age. Everyone knows the successful side of Dr Shaik. But very few know how much resilience, ethics, and courage she has.

On the other hand, Nowhera has devoted herself to philanthropic activities over the last decade. Her social welfare activities include educating poor girls and children. Establishing educational institutions for girls, providing medical treatments to rural Indian regions, etc. Besides, she took the responsibility of more than 1000 orphan girls on her shoulders. Nowhera is undoubtedly a glorious “mother” to them.

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