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Nowhera Shaik Assures Investors with Her Brilliant Comeback 

Heera Group of Companies was founded by Dr. Aalima Nowhera Shaik and is one of the very few companies that actively work for the benefit of the country. Following the Supreme Court’s order of March 24th, 2022, Heera Group of Companies CEO Dr. Shaik has reassured her members that they will receive their invested money with the profit they were promised. The profit-loss revenue model of business where each member benefits from the growth of the Business. She further explains that Heera Group has an interest-free model of revenues and the people who invested Rs 1 Lakh for one kg of gold in 2008, now have about Rs 60 lakh worth a kg of gold. The CEO has also described that the business model of the company depends on the Gold and KITCO market and Heera Group offers ethical member-based businesses options based on direct profits, such as investments in the gold market. 

Though the last three years have been immensely difficult for her, Dr. Shaik has absolute confidence that her company has made a strong comeback. She stated that the sheer injustice that she had to go through has been resolved by the honorable Supreme Court and Heera Group will start functioning again.  

However, the Income Tax Office has sent notices to Heera Group’s establishment despite the Supreme Court’s order, which created fear among the members. Nowhera Shaik reassures that her victory at the supreme court was historic and her properties have been cleared. She also mentioned that the members need just three documents to make a claim for their investments: IBG number, Bank Account Receipt, and Customer Receipt. Along with the SFIO, the Heera Group is also manually verifying all the documents to clear the dues as soon as possible.  

Heera Group of Companies gave people the opportunity to invest with good returns. The motto of Dr. Shaik’s company is “the name you can trust” and she has relentlessly worked to make that a reality. The aim of Heera Group is to make an interest-free world. For that very reason, the flagship scheme Heera Gold started. People have faith in Dr. Nowhera’s intentions. It is very difficult to gain trust and make a good reputation. It takes time, effort, and the intention to give something back to society. Dr. Shaik is the embodiment of women’s power who established a company purely to make the lives of the common people better.  

Nowhera Shaik has always been very aware of the inequality in this society. From a very young age, the Indian philanthropist understood that the worst affected victims of this inequality are women. Women who never had a chance to be independent could never complete their education. Women who got beaten up by their husbands. So she dedicated herself to the cause of making women independent.  

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