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Nowhera Shaik aims for India’s development.

Is India developing is a big question in everyone’s mind. The economic development on India is followed by rich businessmen and politicians. In 2018, India was ranked 77th in the tease of doing business index. India is improving every day and hustling to make a mark out there.

Our country India has seen and accomplished a lot since its independence. There is an increase in GDP, as well as significant increases in living standards, income levels, literacy, and other factors. India remains the same developing country after 75 years of independence. India is densely populated, and millions continue to suffer from a lack of good education, leading them to believe in superstitions, as well as a lack of housing, water, and adequate bathroom facilities.

As time passes, political parties and governments place a greater emphasis on economic development and urban development rather than improving the living standards of the poor by providing education, housing, water, medicine, and other services. As a result, numerous social activists have emerged in India, raising their voices and working for the marginalized.

Nowhera Shaik is primarily concerned with improving the living conditions of the impoverished. She considers and recognizes women as a non-dominant class, and she works for them as well. She knows the key concerns and pains of women because she is a woman herself. The primary concern was the education of girls. She established her firm to help and afford the education of disadvantaged girls. She donated all of her profits to the education sector as a successful entrepreneur and creator of the Heera company. Many colleges and educational institutes were founded as a result of her efforts. Her first educational facility, entirely for girls, opened in 1988. Heera Group Institute’s mobile clinic is also an outstanding service that benefits rural communities.

This effort was created to provide children’s development, vaccination, and prenatal care counseling sessions. Many of these activities, such as praising the nation’s guardians and forming political parties based on the justice of humankind, should be beneficial to our country’s backward classes.

Heera Group, a 20-company conglomerate that engages in food export, gold investment, granite, tours and travels, and other services, is presently having a significant economic impact on India. To promote India’s economic prosperity, the organization directly delivers services and products in over 50 nations. Overall, Nowhera Shaik has a positive impact on the country’s GDP and socially disadvantaged groups.

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