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Nowhera Shaik A Misunderstood Philanthropist

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Nowhera Shaik A Misunderstood Philanthropist. We humans, as the most intelligent species to have dwelled on earth, hold the responsibility to give something back to society. But how often do you actively persist towards achieving that? In most cases, we don’t even try enough. Dr. Nowhera Shaik, on the other hand, is a different story. As the CEO of Heera Group of Companies and one of the eminent faces in the fight for women’s rights, she has worked untiringly for the good of the people of her nation. But many made-up forged stories had diminished her good intentions, which Dr Shaik absolutely did not deserve.

All this just for being a strong woman working day and night to reach her goals. Her goals were never for selfish reasons.

Nowhera Shaik Awards and Recognition:

Numerous accolades and awards like the Mumbai Ratan Award, Asia Pacific Gold Star Award, Gulf Food Award, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, The Good Business Award from Emirate Gold prove the hard work went behind her success.

The Injustice Nowhera Shaik Faced:

The whole ordeal from filing the case against her to the troubles she went through has a lot of forged accusations and fraudulent evidence. Her request to call her family was rejected, and she was taken into custody without being informed. Police had been questioning her for several hours. Unusual questions were posed, but Dr Shaik handled them patiently because she had done nothing wrong. A person, who has wanted nothing but the good of others, had to go through tremendous mental agony for no reason.

This Is About Nowhera Shaik A Misunderstood Philanthropist:

Although Everything that happened in that investigation was unfair. But we know good always conquers evil. And Dr Nowhera came out of this trouble stronger than ever. After getting the clearance from the Supreme Court, Heera Group is working tirelessly to return the money to every investor. Many investors have already received the promised amount. The rest just need to submit the necessary documents as proof of investment and they will get their money back.

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