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Many Fake people are Scamming Dr. Nowhera Shaik by claiming themselves as Heera Group Investors

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Many Fake and bogus people are coming up and scamming Heera Group and also to Dr. Nowhera Shaik by Claiming themselves as Heera Group investors and asking for money from her which they don’t even deserve to get.

Shaik said The COVID-19 outbreak claimed the lives of many of our Heera Group investors. Their nominees were required to claim the money they invested, but they remained silent. In their place, hazy individuals who had no connection to the deceased are arriving and submitting their names as nominees. People are making up stories to try to get money from them. Shaik has informed gem that relevant authorities are investigating both our bank statements and the investors’ bank statements.

Heera Group Investors

False claims will be subject to stern punishment

All lies will eventually come to light, the truth won’t be kept a secret for very long. Those who make false claims in will be subject to stern punishment from the police and the relevant authorities. Dr. Nowhera Shaik wants to ask all of her investors not to fall for con artists who promise to help them get their money back.

Please be aware that the only parties that can assist you in getting your money back are the Heera Group and the organization that the Indian Supreme Court selected. These dishonest individuals are merely a waste of your time by requesting your assurance and information; they are unable to assist you in any manner.

People who have previously claimed their money from Shaik are doing so once more. Dr. Nowhera Shaik had asked everyone not to stir up trouble and to remember that their actions prevent Shaik from repaying the money to the real investors.” If it is found that you have generated bogus claims, please keep in mind that Shaik’s actual investors may be experiencing a financial problem and may soon require their money. ” Shaik said.  

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