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Friday, January 21News That Matters

Manmohan Singh lacked a key quality in Prime Minister Modi.

Manmohan Singh lacked, NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s work habits on Wednesday. Saying that when he starts on a task, he sees to it that it is accomplished.

Mr. Pawar, speaking at a conference hosted by the Marathi daily ‘Loksatta’ in Pune. He said PM Modi puts in a lot of effort and allows enough time to get stuff accomplished. “His attitude is such that once he gets started on a task, he would not stop until the assignment is completed. Modi makes certain that his government’s policies are carried out successfully. He has a firm grasp on administration, which is his strong suit, the Rajya Sabha member stated.

Sharad Pawar was responding to a question about just what improvements he has seen in Modi as a leader over the years. The NCP is a political rival of the PM’s party, the BJP. Mr. Pawar stated that if the administration’s actions are not in line with the common people’s ambitions. Then hard effort alone will not suffice since the ultimate result cannot be overlooked. He noted, “I see a barrier in this area.”

According to the experienced politician, the PM focuses on how the cabinet and his colleagues can work together. It ensures to guarantee that his government’s programs are implemented effectively. PM Modi has a unique technique of bringing his friends along with him. Which was lacking in previous PMs such as Manmohan Singh, according to the previous Union minister.

When asked about steps taken by federal agencies against a few ministries in Maharashtra, which itself is governed by a Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress coalition. Mr.¬†Pawar claimed he’s never talked to Prime Minister Modi about the problem before and will not do so in the coming days.

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