Make your transactions secure with Airtel Payments Bank! Here is how it is structured:

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Transactions are processed one by one with different measures of security concern. Doing the same with security measures for people of all ages is more important than anything else if you want to stay confident without losing money. In order to take an extra step with the payments, one must receive an OTP, Adhar Card number, or fingerprint earlier to identify the same individual with respect to the process of verification (KYC). Airtel has devised an excellent strategy for identifying users using face authentication based on electronic KYC technology rather than biometrics, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This enables a greater number of people to have confidence in their Airtel Payments transactions and allows an enormous number of people to transact securely with anyone in the country.

This explicit strategy prevents fraud by matching the individual’s photo recorded on the Adhar Card, Pan Card, and enabling them to secure onboarding with the concern. When registering from the first step of their account to their Airtel Payments, an individual feels safe because they can access their own account in not getting cheated. The trust factor for the safety of their account is assured, while Airtel Payments accounts have no chance of being hacked or compromised. This is because of the face recognition technology presented by Airtel.

This is the company to trust with safe banking measures. Hopefully, it will assist many people in safely completing their clicks and payments and help the functioning process reach new heights in all corners of the country.

As mentioned by Anubrata Biswas, CEO and MD of Airtel Payments Bank, “Knowing Your Customer” (KYC) principles involve verifying the customer initiates the use of face recognition technology and will be helpful to everyone.

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