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Make Sure BSF Doesn’t Enter Villages Without Permission

Make Sure BSF Doesn’t Enter Villages Without Permission. Two days after asking Bengal DGP Manoj Malaviya to “straight speak” to BSF DG Pankaj Kumar Singh on all border-related concerns, telling she didn’t “would like some confrontation wherein the local authorities are kept under wraps,” Mamata Banerjee affirmed once more on Friday that “the rule of law” was a state matter and inquired authorities to remain vigilant along border regions.

“I will instruct the ICs to boost their movement and amp up ‘Naka’ inspections,” Banerjee remarked during the administration session in Krishnanagar on Thursday. Beginning with Karimpur, you share boundaries with Bangladesh, and you’ll need to keep an eye on that as well… You must also ensure that the BSF doesn’t enter villages without your consent. BSF will go about their business, and you will go about yours.

Keep in mind that rule of law is your topic.
However, Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar voiced “deep worry” about the CM’s attitude on BSF authority on Thursday, saying it sent “disturbing signals” and was “potentially worrisome for a federal system of government and public safety.
In a statement to the chief minister, the governor wrote. The BSF and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) play a large, well-defined, vital role from the standpoint of national defence in the province, having an external boundary with Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Burma.

There is an evident need to foster camaraderie rather than conflict collaboration rather; than combat among such institutions and the state machinery. Dhankar continued; adding that the CM’s comment was not following the law. She claimed that rule of law was a legislative issue and that in such circumstances; block development officers and police precinct inspectors should inform security services that “that’s not your domain.

In the meantime, Acting Director Gen of Security Manoj Malviya told the chief minister; that he had spoken with the Border Control Force’s directorate-general. The cops, he claimed, were refusing to let the troops inside the areas.

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