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Kerela: Bombs hurled at RSS office in Kannur District

In the wee hours of Tuesday, two attackers riding motorcycles hurled bombs at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) office in Kerala’s Kannur district, according to police. Assailants who arrived on two motorcycles reportedly scanned the area before throwing the bombs at the office. It came to known, according to CCTV images of the scene. The office’s gate and window panes were harmed in the incident. Leaders of the RSS and BJP said that CPI(M) was involved in the attack and demanded a high-level investigation. They afterward staged a protest in the town.

Bombs hurled at RSS office

“We suspect the role of CPI(M) in the attack. Neck-deep in trouble after disclosure of the gold smuggling accused, the ruling party is resorting to many tricks to divert attention,”  N Harisdasan, the BJP’s district president for Kannur, added that the party was attempting to undermine the region’s fragile peace. CPI (M) denied having any part in the attack, nevertheless.

There was a bomb blast last week too

A bomb explosion in the area last week claimed the lives of a father and son. Who were both migrant laborers from Assam. In the Mattanur neighborhood, Fazal Khan (52), and his son Shahidul (22), both worked as rubbish collectors. While they were at work, a large bomb had gone off in their leased home. According to authorities, the explosion was set off when they attempted to open a steel tiffin box that was packed with explosives.

An FIR has been filed following the applicable sections of the Explosives Act, and an additional investigation is in progress. According to the authorities, the RSS has blamed the incident on CPI(M) members. The right-wing group has organized a march in protest of the assault on its Kannur office. After a hurled bombs at the wall of the CPI(M) state headquarters, AKG Centre, on the evening of June 30, days have passed before the attack on the RSS office. Police have not yet identified the offender in that case.

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