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Kerala Will Reopen Colleges And Schools To Vaccinated Students

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Kerala Will Reopen Colleges, Kerala’s government has permitted colleges and schools to start offline classes as of October 18. However, according to the government regulation, only students who have been vaccinated with both doses of Coronavirus vaccination will be able to attend physical mode classes.

“Regular courses in colleges and schools for all classes of students who’ve already received two doses of Coronavirus vaccine can continue from October 18, 2021. Involving teachers, lecturers, and other staff who have taken two doses of Coronavirus vaccine,” according to a government statement.

Schools, on the other hand, will reopen on November 1 for the students of Classes 1 to class 7, as well as Class 10 and Class 12. The government will enable pre-matric hostels and model residential schools to reopen from November 1.

“The tentative guidelines include permitting only two students on a bench and abolishing mid-day meals,” General Education Minister V Sivankutty said when announcing the draught criteria for reopening educational facilities. Instead, students will be granted a mid-day food allowance. The students’ body temperatures will be taken regularly. No gatherings will be permitted.”

However, there are still cases reported every day. According to Health Minister Veena George, the state has examined 96,835 tests in the last 24 hours. There are 745 wards throughout 368 institutions of self-bodies in which the weekly total infection percentage is above 10%. In the state, there are 1,41,155 active cases, with only 11% in hospitals.

According to Mr. Sivankutty, both online and offline classes will be offered. In the beginning, differently-abled students will not be required to attend school for offline sessions, and parents will be given online awareness classes. The government also intended to publish directives prohibiting cafes, especially bakeries, from selling items to students near schools.

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