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Saturday, January 22News That Matters

Kerala has reported 5,296 new Covid cases, with 189 fatalities.

Kerala, On Friday, Kerala registered 5,296 new confirmed samples and 189 COVID-19-related fatalities, bringing the total number of cases to 52,64,235 and lives lost to 49,305. After hearing petitions based on the new rules of the Center and the directives of the Supreme Court, 35 fatalities were registered in the last few days and 154 were recognized as COVID-19 fatalities.

Thiruvananthapuram has the highest incidence amongst some of the regions today. Ernakulam came in second with 1,116 instances, followed by Kozhikode with 551. According to the state’s health department, there are presently 27,859 COVID-19 ongoing occurrences in the state, with just 7.8% committed to hospitals. Within the last 24 hours, the state analyzed 64,577 samples.

However, today 2,404 people recovered from the disease, bringing the overall number of people cured to 51,95,497. Of those discovered infected, 76 came from elsewhere in the state, while 4,896 were infected through their contacts. The route of contamination for 276 people has yet to be identified. And 48 health workers are among those who have been sick.

In the 24 hours, India confirmed over one lakh again new infections of Covid-19. The active caseload in the country has increased to 3,97,363 with the addition of 31558 new recoveries. After 302 individuals died from the fatal virus, the death toll rose to 4,83,378. During a statewide spike in cases, Maharashtra recorded the highest new Covid occurrences on Friday. 

According to the department of health, 99 % of the targeted group got the first round of vaccination. 81 percent receiving both doses. However, the Union Health Ministry announced on Friday that almost all international visitors arriving in India will be subject to a mandatory 7-day home quarantine. Although if the test is negative with Covid-19 at the airport. They will then be required to take an RT-PCR examination on their eighth day in the nation.

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