Karnataka Fire Mishap: 8 injured, 3 critical in Candle Manufacturing Factory in Hubballi

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Hubballi: Three workers who sustained burn injuries in the fire that occurred at the sparkle candle production facility passed away on Sunday at the KIMS hospital in Hubballi. In the fire accident, the workers had sustained more than 75% burn injuries.

On Saturday night, a sparkle candle manufacturing facility in the Tarihal Industrial Area near Hubballi was completely destroyed by fire. Eight personnel were burned during the fire accident and were subsequently admitted to KIMS Hospital in Hubballi.


At the KIMS hospital, Vikayalakshmi Echhanagar, 34, who had a deep burn that was more than 90% burnt, Gouramma Hiremath, 45, who had a burn that was more than 80% burned, and Malesh Haddannavar, 27, who had a burn that was more than 75% burned, all passed away on Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Monday morning, respectively.

According to a doctor, the other victims, including Mallik Rehan Koppad, 18, Nirmala Hucchannavar, 29, Chennavva Arimal, 42, Prema Arimal, 20, and Nannima Padadar, 35, are stable and out of danger despite having burns that are less than 50% complete.

On Sunday, the minister in charge of the Dharwad district Halappa Achar visited the patients at KIMS hospital and inspected the area where the fire started.

He claimed that the event is being looked into by the police, “After the investigation, we will come to know about the reason behind the mishap. If it is illegal, the government will take action against the culprits.”

“It is said the unit was running for the last one month, and it has not taken permission which will be checked during the investigation. It is unfortunate that three workers lost their life. All the industries should take basic safety measures at their units and it will help them to prevent such fire mishaps,”  he stated.

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