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After Wife elopes with Lover, man kills his daughters and roams with the bodies in his auto

Kalaburagi: Police reported on Tuesday that a man was arrested on the allegation of murdering his daughters as his wife ran away with her lover and escaped in the Kalaburagi district of Karnataka. As per the preliminary investigation, the accused dumped the dead bodies of his daughters beneath the back seat of his autorickshaw and traveled the city.

According to police, several people were riding in his autorickshaw without knowing about the fact and realizing that the autorickshaw contains a dead bodies behind their seat. The police have recognized the accused as Lakshmikantha who is 34. He is a native of Bhaovi Galli in Kalaburagi bamboo Bazar and worked as an autorickshaw driver.

Dead bodies

According to cops, the accused fell in love with a woman named Anjali and married her. The couple shared four children. His wife had run away with her lover four months ago. The accused suffered from a serious mental health issue and had become disturbed since then.

He also consumes booze. After the lady eloped, the children shifted to their grandparent’s house. Lakshmikantha went to visit his children on Tuesday. He brought two of them, Soni who was 10, and Mayuri who was 8, to a park that was situated within MB Nagar police station. And suffocated them to death in his autorickshaw.

He killed both the daughters Soni and Mayra on Tuesday night. The same day he took his kids from their grandparent’s house to his house. After that, he turned himself up to the police on Wednesday afternoon with the dead and two additional kids, son Navit and daughter Shreya. He asked the cops to look after Shreya and Navit. Mahatma Basaveshwara Police detained Lakshmikant after they filed a case. Currently, the police Authority is investigating further on the case.

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