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Jio network problem? The Downdetector Reveals A Sharp Surge

Jio network problem

Jio network problem, Following the outages of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp, the outage saga appears to have reached closer to home this time. Several users reported that the Jio network was down across the country. The graph on Downdetector, which examines millions of daily problem reports, revealed a steady rise around 11 am. The detector revealed that there were a large number of objections about Reliance Jio cellular network interruptions.

The reported breakdowns come a day after the Facebook community of applications encountered a technical hiccup. Social media users had a field day again on Wednesday, when the Jio cellular network apparently went down. On Twitter, the hashtag #jiodown was trending. The users used a day-old tweet from Reliance Jio to mock the network’s outage.

Moreover the Jio disruptions observed on Downdetector continuously increased from 9 am ┬áto 11 am. Nearly 4,000 reports of Jio cellular network problems had been received at 11:08 am in India. 41% stated they couldn’t get a signal, 37% said they couldn’t get their emails, and 23% said they were completely cut off.

How does the Downdetector work?

The Downdetector provides real-time progress reports for over 6,000 services distributed across 45 websites in 45 countries. Downdetector helps when a service provider’s customers have some troubles. Downdetector aggregates and analyses this data to assess the potential nature of the problem. It tries to inform both the firm and the community of potential problems.

Customers submit trouble reports directly on a company’s status page on Downdetector. Then the tracking service collects data via Twitter. It uses “sentiment analysis” to discover issues with a certain company and its location. It also examines other critical indications from around the web.

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