Scam When It Comes to Online Sales

It’s a Scam When It Comes to Online Sales! What Happens Behind Closed Doors?

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Online discounts like Flipkart’s Big Billion Days and Amazon’s Great Indian Sale have become a staple of our buying experience. However, there is much more behind the scenes than we are aware of. This will assist you in making more educated decisions regarding online purchases and being a responsible shopper. So, let’s look more closely at how these businesses handle their holiday sales.

Have you ever waited for a product to go on sale online before purchasing it? Have you ever noticed how the prices of on-sale smartphones drop after a while? Have you ever observed how some things are slightly less expensive than usual, although the sticker indicates a significant discount? So, today, we’re going to talk about the great online sales scams, mainly the festive season deals like Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale and Amazon’s Great Indian Sale.

Whether it’s Flipkart or Amazon, only a few cellphones are discounted in each sale, with the remainder of the devices remaining near their original price. This aids in promoting flagship product sales at a low purchase price, even though the discounted price is buried behind many terms and conditions such as exchange policies, EMIs, bank incentives, etc.

For its Big Billion Day sale, Flipkart sold the iPhone 12 for a minimum price of Rs 49,999. After the iPhone 13, Apple reduced the cost of the iPhone 12 from Rs 79,000 to Rs 65,900. The sale, however, advertised the price as Rs 49,999 without revealing the catch.

The catch was that to achieve the total discount price. Users had to use a smartphone exchange and a bank offer. Not to mention that the item you’re receiving is from a previous batch. Products from older inventory lose some of their real-world worth, and storing them for more extended costs the company extra money.

That is why internet sales are the most effective way for businesses to eliminate excess inventory and make room for new products. When you consider that purchasers are trading their original smartphones, which are still in fine shape, it’s clear that this is a poor financial move. On eBay or OLX, buyers may sell the same smartphone for a considerably more fantastic price.

These holiday deals are not only deceiving customers, but they are also harming the economy. Small businesses are the hardest hit, as they rely on the holiday season to get the best rates. Sales declined each year, small and medium-sized retailers were compelled to close their doors. This is now wreaking havoc on our economy and the lives of millions of people.

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