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Is Apple iPod Available In India

Is Apple iPod Available In India; Answer Is No (I Mean Not Available India Market).

Apple has stopped the production of iPod. We all are aware of iPod. It was launched 21 years before on 23 Oct 2001 and in Indian market the price of this i-pod was around 30k. This was the only i-pod which was capable of storing more then 1k songs and it also had a battery back up of 10 hours. I-pod not only changed the music industry; but it also provided a better and new experience to us listening to music. Like everything has an end the same comes for iPod. Now you won’t be able to see i-pod in Indian Market anymore. The people who have used Walkman and audio cassette knows; well that to store more then 1k songs in a device is a big deal.

Why Isn’t Apple iPod Available In India:

The owner of Apple Steve Jobs knows very well that if the updated version; of i-pod won’t launch then the i-pod sells would decrease. We all know that Steve jobs is no more but in 2001 during the brand promotion he said 1k songs; in your pocket that time people haven’t even imagined of this device. From year 2001 to 2019 numbers of i-pod version launched; in market in which the capability of storing songs grew up by the time. In 2004 apple launched it’s new i-pod version in which 10k songs can be stored and after that in 2007 apple launched an updated version of i-pod by adding some new features named i-pod touch. From 2001 to 2019 apple has selled more then 45 crore i-pod; all over the world of different models, different versions

  • Want to know the reasons why i-pod marketing strategy failed?
  • First reason when apple launched it’s new version it provided both touch screen and camera at a time and people felt that why should we buy an i-pod instead of smart phone in which we can get facilities of calling as well and the cost of both the devices were almost same. I-pod 2019 version price was 15,400 in this price range one can easily buy a smart phone.

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