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The Marvelous All-rounder of Indian Entrepreneurs

The Marvelous All-rounder of Indian Entrepreneurs

Indian Entrepreneur

Do you know about Nowhera Shaikh? an Indian Entrepreneur. For few people, she is a social reformer, politician. But, few people say that she is a criminal. Especially after Heera Gold ponzi scam, she has been treated like a criminal.

The case mainly belongs to her the accused. But is she guilty? Or is she a victim of politics? For many years Nowhera Shaikh is working too hard to give Indian women a better life.

Moreover, this 47-year-old lady is the founder and the current president of All India Mahila Empowerment Party. Even, today it is not easy for a woman to occupy a political position in our country. After giving so much effort, she has established AIMEP. The main reason behind this establishment is women’s empowerment. The ideology of these three years old parties is ‘justice and equality of all.

Our country neglected few issues raised by the party. These issues are women’s representation in the Indian parliament, women reservation bills, etc. Iron lady is Ms. Nowhera Shaik belonging from a decent family of Tirupati, Dr. Shaikh started teaching at the age of 19. In the year 1988, she established an educational institution to educate girls.

An Indian Entrepreneur

Her courage, thoughts, ethics gave strength to many women and dominated people of our society. Besides giving education to the girls, she has always tried to spread her ethics to make responsible citizens in India. Today, everyone is talking about the Heera Gold ponzi scam. But, we also should know the reason that why Nowhera Shaikh an Indian Entrepreneur has created Heera Gold.

To continue the education of girls, needed more money. To fulfill the financial requirement, she started this import and export business. Many few people know that Heera gold gives 2% of its profit for the welfare of farmers. So, instead of talking about the gold scam, we can also try to know the facts that why Nowhera Shaikh is called the iron lady of India

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