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Indian American Jailed for three years in telemarketing Scam targeting elderly

Telemarketing Scam: According to the Press Trust of India, an Indian American resident of Illinois, United States, was given a three-year prison term for laundering money obtained via a telemarketing campaign that targeted older adults.


According to John R. Lausch, US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Hirenkumar P. Chaudhari, 29, entered a guilty plea to a federal money laundering allegation in 2021. In July 2022, Lausch made the sentencing announcement. Federal authorities claim that Chaudhari’s scam entailed opening many bank accounts in the US. He used a phoney Indian passport, a fictitious name, and a false address. In order to accept money from telemarketing scam victims.

The con involved phone calls from individuals who made fraudulent claims to be with several government entities, including the Social Security Administration and the US Department of Justice. They would inform the victims that their identities had been stolen. That they needed to send money to several bank accounts, including those started by Chaudhari. In this tele marketing fraud that targeted senior citizens, Chaudhari was a key player.

One of the victims, a retired nurse, allegedly moved more than $900,000 from her bank. Retirement funds to accounts run by Chaudhari and other people, according to the US Department of Justice. This fraud has been active for a while.

On April 19, 2018, Chaudhari entered a Chicago branch and took $6,500. Just one day after opening an account and receiving $7,000 from the Massachusetts victim. Chaudhari willfully engaged in this specific financial transaction, the court documents claim, knowing that the money he was withdrawing was the result of “illegal activity.”

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