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India Needs A Strong Opposition Party

India Needs A Strong Opposition Party. Nobody can deny that democracy is the most prevalent form of government in the contemporary world. Indian politics is no exception. A democratic system vests the power of the citizens of a particular nation with the right to vote; to choose their representatives in the legislature. The primary reason why democracy is thriving as a form of government is that it minimizes the exploitation of power. But if it is up to the people to elect the government; why is the opposition so important for the proper democratic functionalities? The simple answer is that it holds the ruling party accountable for their actions. The primary role of the opposition is to question the government and hold them liable to the public. It functions as the instrument to check the authority of the dominant party in the legislature.

The lack of strong opposition is one of the very reasons; why today Indian politics is infested with a polarizing ideology. The Bhartiya Janata Party won in the Lok Sabha with staggering margins; almost demolishing the previous ruling party, Indian National Congress. Before our independence in 1947 and even a few decades after that, INC was the major political party. But throughout the reign of Congress, the BJP with the help of RSS has grown and was successful in spreading; their Hindu extremism very successfully. The repeated failure of Congress in the Government birthed; a distrust among the citizens and the only nationwide alternative they could see was the BJP. And now we, as a nation, are witnessing a direction of Islamophobia, blatant misuse of power and polarizing ideology.

Is Really India Needs A Strong Opposition Party:

The ongoing Farmer’s protests have shown us how important it is to speak up against; the continuous atrocities committed by the Modi Government. But there is not a single opposition party in the parliament that is strong enough in its ideology. The danger of the tyranny of the ruling party; is looming large over the heads of all the people in India. But the current picture of the opposition parties facing their worst defeat in the 2019; Lok Sabha elections paints a real grim scenario for our democracy. It was the second consecutive loss whereas the other parties are mostly regional and lack a nationwide appeal.

Although A collective, devoted, practical and significant opposition is a necessity in the Parliament. It would promote a responsible and reasonable debate in the decision-making process; in the legislature and priorities the welfare of the people. More so to make the Modi government deliver the promised developments regarding poverty, housing, health; education, infrastructure, electricity, water, social security. Especially The Opposition needs to strongly question the BJP’s communal politics of diverting attention and ask questions that are really important. Otherwise, the way Indian politics is moving right now; it is just a matter of time for India’s democracy to collapse completely.

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