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India Chooses the Side of Peace: S. Jaishankar 

This Wednesday, External affairs minister S Jaishankar declared that India does not, in any way condone the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The union minister has also reiterated, “If India has chosen aside, it is the side of peace and for an immediate end to violence,”. It is clear from the statement that India as a nation is not disgracing from the principled stand it has taken internationally. Minister Jaishankar further added that this very principle has always guided India’s position in international forums and debates, and in the United Nations.  

While the whole world mourns for Ukraine, it is far more clear to us as a civilization that violence can not be the answer. The External Affairs Minister of India has stated the same in his speech in the Lok sabha. “In this day and age, dialogue and diplomacy are the right answers to any disputes,” Jaishankar stated. 

His speech has also brought another aspect to light that our very contemporary global order is built on the UN Charter, which commands respect for international law and above all, for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states. And in such a social order, a sudden unprovoked attack on another sovereign country is not something India supports.  

The external affairs minister also strongly condemned the civilian killings in Ukraine’s Bucha and stated that India is “deeply disturbed” by these gruesome reports. Elaborating on India’s stand in the matter, Jaishankar said that India is strongly against the shedding of innocent blood. “I want to say that we are deeply disturbed by the reports. We strongly condemn the killings that have taken place there. This is an extremely serious matter and we support the call for an independent investigation,” he added. 

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